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A passionate, multifaceted fitness professional, Angie Miller’s background in counseling and education has given her the tools to motivate clients and understand the critical role emotions play in helping them achieve their fitness goals. A leading fitness expert, respected educator, and published writer, Angie’s mission is to share her knowledge and inspire a healthier community. Through her highly acclaimed exercise DVD’s, “Kettlebell Bootcamp,” “Core and Strength Fusion,” and her recent release, “Angie Miller’s Crave Results,” you can learn from her unique style in realizing your own fitness potential. Read  More…


Bedroom Body™, by Angie Miller, is a core focused total body conditioning program that uses combination exercises to train your heart and tone your muscles. Three targeted workouts are included: Buff Body Blast, Booty Burner, and Core & Pelvic Floor.


Angie Miller’s Crave Results

You crave a night out, a relaxing vacation, or a day off work, but you’d trade it all in for the ultimate craving... the head turning body you’ve always wanted. Angie can’t guarantee that vacation, but with Crave Results she can help you shape, sculpt, and sweat your way to a new you.


Did You Know?

... that exercise can boost your brain power?

Exercise builds and conditions your brain, stimulates brain cell growth, and is one of the most effective, proven methods of keeping your brain healthy.

Angie is a leading fitness specialist focusing her research, workshops, and consulting services on exercise and brain health.

Angie Miller's Bedroom Body

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"Patience is a funny thing. One minute you have it, and the next minute when someone is trying it you realize you need more work."
"High school boys have raised the bar on asking a girl to prom."
"Through acceptance we learn to let go of unresolved emotions that hold our heart hostage."

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