ACE and AFAA Credit Approved Workshops~

  1. BOSU® Complete Workout System (5-hour Specialty Certificate Workshop)
    4.5 AFAA CEU’s, 0.5 ACE CEC’s

    BOSU® has launched a brand-new workout system, and this is your chance to learn all about it! This workshop will take you through the system, step by step, and provide you with the formula to make the BOSU® Balance Trainer more effective in your club, your classes and with your clients. In addition, you will get to experience sample workouts that bring the entire system to life. You will leave this workshop with new tools and ideas for designing BOSU™ workouts and accommodating all levels of fitness!
    Equipment: One BOSU per participant. Dumbbells, Weighted Bar, and Medicine Ball are optional.

  2. Fitness Instructor’s Guide to Success (FIGS)
    Curriculum and Education Manual for Group Fitness Instructors
    (8-hour Workshop)
    6.75 AFAA CEU’s, 0.8 ACE CEC’s
    Description: How do you raise the bar in the fitness industry, stand out among a sea of instructors, and still maintain your integrity? The Fitness Instructor’s Guide to Success has the answers. Building and maintaining your professional image, understanding the key elements behind successful instruction, and creating standing room only classes are just the highlights. You’ll learn ways to perfect your cueing, create choreography that flows and transitions seamlessly, and adopt strategies that will make you a dynamic instructor. All priceless skills that will open doors and help you earn the recognition you deserve. Whether you’re a new instructor to the industry, or an experienced instructor looking to enhance your skills, you’ll find the Fitness Instructor’s Guide to Success practical, enlightening, and informative.

Additional Options for this Workshop: This workshop contains three sections. Each session can be offered separately for partial CEC’s, or any two sections can be combined. CEC’s are offered based off of contact hours.
Section One: Understanding Professionalism in the Work Environment
(1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
Section Two: Four Instructional Elements to Successful Teaching: Cueing, Music, Transitions, Choreography (5.5 Hours)
Section Three: How to Build Your Classes and Sell Yourself as a Professional: 13 Commandments of Dynamic Instruction; Building Your Professional Portfolio
(1 Hour, 15 Minutes)
Equipment: No equipment required.

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Workshops and Master Classes~

(These classes can be taught as a one hour Master Class; or as a 1.25- 2.0 Hour Lecture and Workshop Combination)

  1. KGT- Kettlebell Group TrainingNew!
    Description: Are you ready to take it to the next level?  Is it time to turn those kettlebell exercises into a heart pounding, powerful workout that transitions so seamlessly they’ll never look at the clock again?  Before the kettlebell becomes just another training tool, turn their workouts into a fitness experience they’ll remember.  Whether you’re a personal trainer or a group fitness instructor, this session is for you.  You’ll walk away with creative blocks of choreography that you can mix and match to make your own.  Now all you need is energy.

  2. Crave ResultsNew! Based off of Crave Results fitness DVD, to be released in Jan. 2011
    Description:  You crave a night out, a relaxing vacation, or a day off work, but you’d trade it all in for the ultimate craving… that head turning body you’ve always wanted.  In Crave Results, Angie will challenge you with exercises that build in intensity and work multiple muscle groups.  She’ll add heart pumping cardio bursts to maximize calorie burn.  You’ll gain endurance, strengthen your core, and experience a leaner, stronger physique.  This is the total body workout you can’t afford to miss.  So go ahead, you know you want to… Give in to those cravings!
    Equipment: Dumbbells, Exercise Band, Step Platform (optional).

  3. Core and Strength Fusion-
    Description: Fresh and creative, Core and Strength Fusion helps you deliver the ultimate total body workout! This innovate strength training program uses continuous movement and integrated exercises to help you sculpt and define muscles, challenge your core, increase your balance and coordination, and reap cardiovascular rewards. Tubing, weighted bars, and a step platform are used to help you reshape your body and achieve a leaner physique. Look out skinny jeans, here you come…
    Equipment: Dumbbells, Exercise Band. Step is optional.

  4. Kettlebell Bootcamp-
    Description: Blast calories, build endurance and optimize your workout time! With Kettlebell Bootcamp you’ll experience an amazing cardiovascular and strength training workout using the kettlebell, one of the most versatile training tools for all over body conditioning. With innovative exercises and quality form and execution, Angie bridges the gap between classic functional training, and the incredible fat burning results of a kettlebell workout. Whether you’re an advanced or beginning kettlebell exerciser, you will find Kettlebell Bootcamp refreshing, challenging, and heart pumping!
    Equipment: One Kettlebell.

  5. KettleBelly-
    Description: Using one of the most versatile training tools around, you’ll learn how to transform your mid section and your center of gravity. Using planks, balance challenges, and intense conditioning exercises, you’ll discover why the kettlebell has the ability to build core strength and a strong center like no other training tool out there. Walk away with an arsenal of exercises and a mid section that will talk to you for days.
    Equipment: One Kettlebell

  6. KettleVals
    Description: You love intervals, now bring on the kettlebell! Think less is more… Less time working out, more calories burned… 45 minutes of heart pounding, fat burning, calorie incinerating intervals. No learning curve, no high impact, just challenging, quick moving intervals of cardio, followed by controlled, powerful kettlebell conditioning moves. Warning: Intervals are time efficient and provide long lasting calorie burn…even after you leave the gym
    Equipment: One Kettlebell. Step or BOSU is optional.

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  1. Fitness Professionals Guide to Success-
    How do you stand out among a sea of professionals, build your classes and client base, and adopt strategies that will make you a more dynamic trainer and instructor?  The Fitness Professionals Guide to Success has the answers. There are key elements behind successful instruction, ways to build and maintain your professional image, and skills that will open doors and earn you the recognition you deserve.  Whether you are new to the industry, or a veteran looking to enhance your visibility and build your brand, you will find the information in this interactive session practical, enlightening, and informative.  (This lecture is part of an 8 hour ACE and AFAA approved workshop, Fitness Professional’s Guide to Success).

  2. Exercise for Brain Health- New!  (Based off the article, “Leading Research Supports that Exercise Boosts Brainpower,” by Angie Miller, to be published in American Fitness Magazine, January 2011.)
    With current research demonstrating a strong correlation between exercise and improved cognitive functioning, we know that exercise can do more than burn calories and trim our waist lines.  Research supports that exercise can help prevent diseases which potentially lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This informative and cutting edge lecture delves into the research and discusses the role of exercise in boosting brain power.

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