Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Body

I tell my clients that we should think of our body as our house. The outside of our house, that part that everyone sees, is like the foundation and the walls of our real house. It shelters and protects what’s inside, and is often a reflection of how we feel and how well we care for ourselves. Our skin, posture, physique, and even our expressions mirror how healthy we are on the inside, but they don’t tell the whole story. Those things that we cannot see, all the functions that make us unique and are essential to our health and well being, often suffer from our neglect. We depend on our personal house to protect us from illness and disease, but we don’t always care for it properly. The realit

Great Glutes- You Tube Workout This exercise video shows you how to do a short lunge series with an exercise band. Lunges are great for toning and strengthening the legs and the gluteal muscles, and with the added resistance of a band you’ll get great results. If you don’t have an exercise band you can do bodyweight lunges, or hold hand weights instead. Here are a few safety tips: 1. Try to bend your front knee 90 degrees, and be sure to keep your knee behind your toes. 2. My general rule of thumb is that less is more. If lunges hurt your knees, or you’re trying to get mobility back after an injury, just lower and lift a few inches. The main goal is to keep the joints mobile and

Booty Burner- You Tube Workout Who doesn’t love to work the booty? I know I do! You might say I’m a bit obsessed. I even have pet names for the almighty gluteus maximus. I call it the back’s best friend, the bodyguard for the back, the back of the house, and even the powerhouse. Today I’m sharing three of my favorite exercises for the powerhouse. I used these exercises in my Core & Strength Fusion DVD and I still use them regularly when I teach fitness classes. The exercises require a resistance band, which is one of the most effective tools for simplicity and results. Resistance bands also offer the following benefits: 1. They offer variable resistance, which means that the re

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