Test your Knowledge: The Real Truth About Resistance Training

Test taking can be fun and stress free. Check out these three questions and see what you know about strength training. 1. Which is true about the effect of strength training in women compared to men? A. There is no benefit for women compared to men. B. Women have less gain in muscle strength than men. C. Women increase in muscle strength and endurance just as men. On average, men have larger and more powerful muscles than women because they produce more testosterone and their nervous system signals muscle contractions more rapidly, allowing for greater power. Since men have more muscle, their absolute strength is greater than women’s, but when muscle mass is compared pound for pound wome

Five Decisions to Make for a Better Day

Our decisions determine the outcome of our day. Ultimately, they affect our attitude and our ability to experience joy. Here are five decisions we can all make for a healthier, happier day. 1. Decide to smile. Let go of your gadgets when you’re waiting in line, walking, or surrounded by other people, strangers or not. Take the opportunity to smile, make eye contact, and show that you’re aware of another person’s presence. Better yet, go the extra mile and engage them in conversation. You’d be surprised how everyday interactions can have a positive impact on our day. They keep us connected to the world around us through simple, yet powerful communication. 2. Decide to be present. Wayne Dyer,

Two More Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Self Esteem

Earlier today I posted a blog about self-esteem, and an ironic look at how we sometimes sabotage it with negative decisions and behaviors. Though there are many, today I came up with two more self-esteem destroyers that undermine our ability to experience joy and appreciate the lives we have created: 1. Compare Yourself to Others. Seek and you shall find all kinds of people who are thinner, smarter, prettier, and more successful. Lets face it, our world is filled with people who could make us feel bad about ourselves if we were so inclined to use them as a yardstick with which to gauge personal value. People with good self-esteem, however, recognize that personal acceptance comes from within

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