How To Stop Procrastinating

For the last two weeks I have blogged about New Year’s Goals, and this week I’m wondering how many of have you taken on those goals with a vengeance, and how many are still procrastinating? Sometimes when one of our goals seems daunting, and we can’t find a way to break it into smaller, more manageable pieces, we are paralyzed by our own internal struggles. At the core of those struggles is the power of our thoughts, namely that nagging voice inside us that creates self-doubt. It asks questions like: Is our goal is too challenging? What if we don’t deserve it? Do we have time for it? It could be any multitude of self-sabotaging thoughts, but it’s those thoughts that

Why Are Goals So Hard to Reach?

Last week I wrote a blog about the power of goals vs. New Year's Resolutions and six steps for goal setting success. I promised to share a goal setting contract this week because contracts are a great way to stay on track and keep us motivated. That said, before we sign a contract it's important to consider potential pitfalls when setting goals, aka mistakes in that stand in the way of our success. Here are Five Potential Pitfalls to avoid and a contract to keep us accountable. Potential Pitfalls When Setting Goals: 1. Setting Gargantuan Goals- Goals are like stairs, the best way to go up is to take it one step at a time. If you try to skip a step it makes the journey more difficult and less

Resolve to Set Goals, not Resolutions for the Year Ahead

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up someplace else.” - Hall of Fame baseball legend Yogi Berra Last year I wrote a blog about the importance of setting goals vs. New Year’s Resolutions. As 2016 approaches I’d like to reinforce the power of goals in helping us to achieve our greatest potential. Goals are impactful; they give us direction and help us stay motivated. They lead us to accomplishments we might never have thought possible, and they help us begin each day with intention. Resolutions on the other hand are notoriously short-lived, rarely do they last and seldom are they structured and planned. One of the greatest gifts of goal setting is that goals build our self-

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