Six Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Off the Couch and Get Fit

What do you do when the couch sounds better than cardio and you’d rather make muffins than work on your muscles? Try these six strategies that are sure to give you success. 1. Prompts are Powerful: Prompts are little reminders that serve as motivators, such as posters or sticky notes that you hang throughout your house reminding you to workout. When you place your shoes by your bed so they’re waiting for you in the morning, or you put your workout clothes in your car so you’re ready to exercise after work, those are prompts. In one study, cartoon posters were placed near the elevators in a public building to encourage stair climbing (Browness, Stunkard, & Albaum, 1980). The percent of people

How to Prevent Exercise Relapse (Part II)

Last week I wrote a blog about exercise relapse, what causes it and how to distinguish a lapse from a relapse. Now it’s time to talk about prevention. Two of the most critical considerations when starting an exercise program are learning how to identifying situations that put us at risk for relapse, and learning how to avoid relapse. How to Identify Situations that Put You At Risk: 1. Reflect: Think about past situations where you fell off the wagon and stopped exercising. What was going on in your life? What happened? What circumstances led to your relapse? 2. Write down the situations and obstacles that got in your way. Some common barriers often include: Vacation Holidays Work Travel Lack

What Causes Exercise Relapse? (Part I)

Have you ever started an exercise routine and were determined that exercise was going to be a lifelong friend, only to find yourself 6 months, or a year later, looking back at that time and wondering what happened? I teach a workshop on exercise behavior and motivation and one of the most critical components we discuss is how to avoid relapse. This is important, because we have to understand the obstacles that get in our way in order to minimize their impact. It’s similar to driver’s education where we’re taught to turn into a skid and go with the resistance rather than overcorrect and make the situation worse. Temptations act as resistance to exercise, but if we turn into them as we do a s

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