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Core & Strength Fusion

Fresh, creative, and fun, Angie Miller delivers the ultimate total body workout! This time efficient strength training program uses continuous movement and innovative exercises to sculpt and define your muscles. You’ll increase your strength and endurance, challenge your balance and coordination, and reap cardiovascular rewards. Fat burning, and functional, it’s the perfect way to reshape your body and achieve a leaner physique.

Angie’s non stop energy and encouraging style will motivate you. Her attention to form and upbeat instruction will inspire you. Get ready to boost your metabolism and break through plateaus! Look out skinny jeans, here you come…

“Core & Strength Fusion” is a challenging program that will give you the tools you need to achieve a stronger, fitter you!



68 minutes total: Warm Up: 7 min.; Standing Toning with Weights: 34 min.; Standing and Floor Toning with Exercise Band: 21 min.; Stretch: 6 min.

Equipment needed: Dumbbells, Exercise Band. Step is optional.

Bedroom Body

Angie’s energetic, encouraging style will motivate you to succeed; and her informative cueing will help you perform the movements safely, giving you the results you’re looking for.


This 3-in-1 workout is packed with options. Five pre-mixes are included to target different trouble spots and give you shorter workout options. You can do the complete workout, or mix and match to meet your exercise goals.

Workout One

Buff Body Blast, keeps your heart rate elevated as it sculpts and defines your muscles. With exercises that combine upper and lower body movements to boost intensity and target multiple muscle groups, this 30 minute workout gives you maximum results in minimum time. Designed to condition your core, the exercises are challenging but easy to follow, moving at an energetic pace to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Workout Two

Booty Burner is the "wonder bra for your butt," with exercises designed to lift, shape, and firm your backside. Strong, sexy glutteals will get you into your skinny jeans,but better yet they'll support your lower back and increase your body's overall strength. As a bonus, Angie gives you tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor. Get ready for a tight tush in 10 minutes.

Workout Three

Core and Pelvic Floor will chisel your middle and give lean, defined torso. With exercises designed to strengthen your abdominals and lower back, you'll see visible results. while six pack abs may be your only goal, this twelve minute core coditioner will also improve your balance and posture, making your workouts more effective.

Crave Results

You crave a night out, a relaxing vacation, or a day off work, but you’d trade it all for the ultimate craving… that head-turning body you’ve always wanted. Angie can’t guarantee that vacation, but with Crave Results she can help you shape, sculpt, and sweat your way to a new you.

Get ready! Angie will challenge you with exercises that build in intensity and work multiple muscle groups. She’ll add heart-pumping cardio bursts to maximize your calorie burn. You’ll gain endurance, strengthen your core, and experience a leaner stronger physique.

Angie Miller’s Crave Results will keep you moving at an energetic pace. Her

attention to form and motivational approach will leave you empowered and confident. This is the total body workout you can’t afford to miss. So go ahead, you know you want to… Give in to those cravings!

Equipment Needed: Dumbells, Resistance Band (Optional), Step Platform (Optional)

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate (Includes Modifier to Demonstrate Options)