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Three Targeted Strategies to Change Your Life Today

Today, appreciate that you are the youngest you’ll ever be. That being said isn’t time to celebrate your body and embrace it for all of its tremendous strength and power, and yes even it’s wonderful flaws? I am a living testament to the fact that older I get the less I pick apart my body. I’m less critical of its flaws because it’s those flaws that keep me humble and challenge me to work harder. I’m also more appreciative of what my body is capable of and what it has done for me over the years. I often think that if we could have a 40-year old mindset with a 20-year old body we’d have killer self-esteem. All those doubts we struggle with throughout our lives wouldn’t prevent us from recognizing how fortunate we really are. Today, make peace with your body. Don't wait for time to pass to give you perspective on how good you look and how healthy you are. Embrace your body as it is, the youngest it will ever be.

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Today, turn adversity is opportunity. Life is full of challenges and hardships. I believe that much of what defines a person’s character and attitude is not the hardships they face, but the way in which they meet their challenges and use them as opportunities for growth. When faced with adversity, the fear of the unknown and the feeling of not having control can justifiably throw us off balance. Yet when all is said and done, many of us look back and realize the unexpected joy and the new discoveries we realized by finding our way through. Today, as you encounter challenges and face difficulties, know that they may be out of your control, but they are not beyond your limits. Whatever they are, they have the power to transform you into a stronger more resilient version of yourself.

Today, get a return on your investment. We spend a lot of time and energy protecting our financial investments, but we often neglect the most important investment we should be making, the one that ensures our own health and well-being. If we're not taking time to invest in our physical, emotional, and cognitive health, we won't be around long enough to enjoy the financial security we created. You are your most important investment. If you're neglecting your own needs, putting your health on the back burner while you care for others, or telling yourself, "I'm too busy to work out," then you are a risky investment. Remember that physical activity is any kind of movement that gets your blood pumping, your muscles engaged, and your mind active. It's the best investment you can make toward a bright, healthy future. It's important not just for you, but also for the people who care about you and want to see you around for many years to come. Today, start moving! Make a plan, set goals, and remember… you're sitting on your most important investment as you read this post. Treat it right!

- Angie


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