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Want Different Results? Do Something Different

Last weekend I taught a kettlebell training for health and fitness professionals. It’s a two day, 16 hour intensive program that covers the science behind kettlebell training as well as many hours of hands on learning and practice. Throughout the weekend my passion for kettlebell education grew as I watched the participants conquer learning curves and develop new skills. I came away feeling ignited and ready to take on new challenges, not just with kettlebells but all types of movement and exercise. The weekend was a powerful reminder if you’re willing to push yourself, if you’re willing to get uncomfortable, and if you’re willing to share what you love with others, you’ll not only experience better results, you’ll never lack motivation to keep training.

If you want different results, try these tips:

1. Push Yourself. More than once I’ve realized that when put to the test I’m stronger than I think. This past weekend was no exception. At one point I demonstrated a skill with a kettlebell nearly twice the size of what I normally use. I did this, quite frankly, because someone was borrowing my kettlebell. I realized in doing so, however, that it was a weight I could manage, and though it would be a challenge it would help me take it to the next level. More importantly, when I went back to using my own kettlebell it suddenly felt too light, and I knew then that I might have been underestimating my own strength. We all know there’s a direct correlation between what we put into something and what we get out of it. If we want more results we have to give more effort. The take away here is that if you’re in the habit of using the same amount of resistance for every workout that you do, you’re missing out. Nothing is more motivating than realizing your potential by pushing your limits and witnessing how your body responds!

2. Share what you love with others. I learned a long time ago that when I teach others I get better at what I do. It reinforces the information and helps me develop a deeper knowledge of the content and skills that I am teaching. What really takes it to next level, though, is that when I share what I love with others, my passion grows exponentially and I want to do more of it. The take away here is that if you are lacking a little motivation in your daily workout, or you need a little incentive to put in your favorite DVD, share it with your neighbor, your kids, your mom, or your best friend. It’s inspiring to share what you love with someone else and to witness the impact through a fresh set of eyes. Best of all, it has a rebound effect. It reinvigorates your own desire to train, gives you new perspective, and propels you to want to do it again!

3. Get Uncomfortable. If you want to take your training to the next level do something you’ve never done before, or do something that’s familiar but take a different approach. I have trained with kettlebells for years, but I don’t regularly train two days in a row for 16 hours. By the end of the weekend I was sore and tired, but oddly invigorated. My body was placed under different demands and it responded accordingly. Not to mention, most of the professionals who were in the training were brand new to kettlebells. Two were Zumba instructors, a couple taught other types of fitness classes, and a few were yoga instructors. Bottom line, they were out of their comfort zone and it was by their own volition. They understand the power of training your body differently and placing it under unique demands. The take away here is that if you want different results, you have to take a different approach. Nothing is more motivating or confidence inspiring than conquering new challenges. ~

Best in Health!



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