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Today is the Youngest You Will Ever Be

Sometimes it’s our friends who know us best and sometimes all it takes is a little Dove dark chocolate for some true insight. I’m proud of my age, how about you?

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Seldom a week goes by where I don’t announce to one of my fitness classes: “Take a look at the clock and note the date and time… Remember, today is the youngest you’ll ever be. This hour will never repeat itself, this experience will never happen again, and you’ll never be as young as you are right now. That said; what are you waiting for? We don’t get repeats and second chances are rare.

Five Tips to Take Advantage of Time… Today:

1. Today… Inhale confidence and exhale self-doubt. Your breath is the key to good posture and conscious awareness. Short, shallow, chest breathing exacerbates stress and tension, whereas deep breathing promotes relaxation and calm. This might require a few minutes of Mindful Meditation where you follow your breath and let go of thoughts and worries clouding your judgment.

  • As you breathe in, picture your belly filling up like a balloon and embrace positive, self-affirming thoughts:

“I am doing the best I can.”

“I am a good person with good intentions.”

  • As you exhale, picture your fears and doubts floating away on a cloud in the sky, on a leaf peacefully making its way down the river, or on a wave moving through the ocean.

2. Today… Do one thing that challenges you physically and do it with powerful intentions: Focus on being healthy and keeping your brain active and emotions balanced, rather than focusing on how you look or how much you weigh. In other words, do it for you!!!! Exercise to feel good, knowing that your mind is a powerful tool. It’s hard to have negative thoughts about your body, your life, or other people when your mind is full of positive energy from exercise.

3. Today…Remember that you can’t please everyone. All you can do is be yourself. In doing so you will attract the type of people who are meant to be in your life. We tend to be our own worst critic, and typically self-doubt creates concerns about what others think. In reality, as Ann Landers so eloquently stated, people just don’t give us that much thought…

4. Today…Remember that you can’t meet resistance with resistance. If something isn’t working despite your best efforts, a significant relationship, job, friendship, or whatever it might be, maybe today is the day you allow yourself the option to step away from the situation, reevaluate, and perhaps start over. Resistance of any kind can’t be met with resistance if a successful outcome is anticipated. Sometimes surrendering to something that isn’t meant to be allows us to open up to what might be~ and therein lies possibility.

5. Today…Remember that age is a reflection of our decisions. It’s relative to how we live our life and the choices we make, positive or negative. Age is a number, but how we age is more than just genetics. Water, sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress management, and healthy relationships are just a few factors that mirror back our decisions. As Coco Chanel was quoted as saying…

Today is the youngest you will ever be, so enjoy your youth and make it a day to remember.

Best to you in Health~


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