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When Was The Last Time?

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I want to live well, and that as opposed to living long is my goal. To live well I believe we have to take risks and go after our goals. We also have to ask questions, because the answers to those questions can impact our lives in ways we never imagined. There are so many questions we could ask, ones that require soul searching and ones that require nothing more than to put our inhibitions aside.

I have three questions for you for a little Monday Motivation. The first two are light and fun and encourage you to embrace more joy in your life. The third question might require some soul searching, and of course I love that question because that’s where true growth and life-changing opportunities lie.

Three Questions for Monday Motivation:

1. When was the last time you did something spontaneous, something that wasn’t in your “plan” for the day? Consider the possibility of waking up to your mental whiteboard of must do’s, the white board that’s filled with notes, lists, and errands. What would happen if you cleared some space on that white board and called a friend to meet for lunch, or headed out on a little expedition to visit a museum or an exhibit you’ve wanted to see? What about getting a pedicure, or finally sitting down to cherish a good book that’s been sitting unopened on your nightstand? What’s the worst that might happen if you push back a few self-imposed should’s for another day and take an opportunity to be spontaneous and do something unexpected, just to embrace the sheer joy of living in the moment? Remember my post last week: “Today is the youngest you’ll ever be.” This day will never happen again, and this moment is the only moment we can count on, so why not?

2. When was the last time you were alone in your thoughts, meditating on them, reflecting on them, and possibly journaling about them? Self-reflection is a critical cornerstone to a healthy mind. Thoughtful engagement with your personal worries, concerns, goals, hopes, and dreams is the key to being healthy from the inside out. Journaling provides the opportunity to purge our thoughts and it gives us great insight. We become our own personal sounding board. Giving our voice a place to be heard is cathartic. It makes our worries much more manageable and much less powerful. Grab a pen and paper and give it a try. What have you got to lose?

3. When was the last time you did something that made you uncomfortable; that challenged you on a personal or professional level? If it’s been awhile, this will require some self-reflection and goal setting. Remember, age is not a limitation; it’s inspiration to get started on accomplishing a goal that has been speaking to you. This past weekend I accomplished one of my goals. I presented two workshops at a professional counseling conference, one on Mindfulness and Meditation and one on Stress Management Strategies. The most rewarding part is that I am now able to use my credential as a licensed counselor to speak to communities outside of the health and fitness space. Though I earned my masters in counseling many years ago, licensure required three more master’s level courses and many other challenges over a two-year period. My goal was and still remains the same, to promote the link between physical health and emotional well being, and to bring the fitness and mental health communities together to recognize that you can't have one without the other. Yesterday, in reflecting how long it took and how much work I invested to make all this happen, I realized that if I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. Goal setting is worth it. Challenging ourselves and getting uncomfortable opens up a world of possibility. We have nothing to lose because failure is only in our lack of willingness to try.

Today, ask a question or two and go on a fact-finding mission of sorts. Bring a little extra joy into your life and grab opportunities for growth. Be inspired~

Best to you in Health~


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