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Resistance Band Workout: Total Body Circuit

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If you’re looking for a total body workout that targets every muscle group and requires limited equipment, grab a band and get started with these five exercises. This resistance band workout strengthens your legs, shoulders, back, and arms, with interesting variations that challenge your balance and work your core. Complete each exercise consecutively for the recommended number of repetitions, then repeat the circuit two more times, resting 1-2 minutes between each circuit.

Circuit Workout:

Exercise One: Bicep Curl to Overhead Press

Targets: Biceps, Shoulders

Repetitions: 16x

Exercise Two: Reverse Lunge to a Knee Balance

Targets: Glutes, Legs, Core

Repetitions: 8x each leg

Exercise Three: Reverse Row

Targets: Upper Back

Repetitions: 16x

Exercise Four: Side Lunge with a Side Press

Targets: Glutes, Legs, Core, Shoulders, Arms

Repetitions: 8x each side

Exercise Five: Hip Extension to Knee Balance

Targets: Glutes, Core

Repetitions: 8x each side

Form and Execution Tips:

Be sure to keep your torso long and extended, abdominals engaged, glutes tight, chest open, and shoulders down, and head in line with your spine.

Tip: Remember that exercise bands offer variable resistance, which means that the resistance changes throughout the range of motion. This keeps the movement dynamic and allows you to create the amount resistance you need. If you need the work to be harder, step further away from the anchored band so the pull is greater, use a band with greater resistance, or increase your range of motion throughout the exercises.

Tip: Make sure that your band doesn’t have any “rebound,” when you return to your start position. This means that you don't want there to be any slack in the band no matter where you are in the movement.

Best to you in health~


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