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Coping With Stress in the Current Times

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

How to Not Take People Personally

Do you take people personally? We’ve all been guilty of it, but taking people personally can be emotionally exhausting and cause a lot of stress.

Even if we aren’t easily offended, in the midst of this global pandemic that has such a deep impact on our personal and professional lives, we’re probably all a little more sensitive to the words and actions of those around us.

In this two-part video series that I filmed for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I share four reasons why we take people personally and five tips on how to stop.

Part I: Why Do We Take People Personally?

Part II: Five Tips to Stop Taking People Personally

I'm hoping you found these videos helpful! My work only holds meaning when I share it with those I care about- that's you- and you find it impactful to your life!

Please reach out and share your thoughts. Remember that we're all in this together!

Wishing you good health, inside and out!



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