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As a teacher, counselor, and fitness professional Angie Miller has spoken to diverse audiences worldwide, from cities throughout the United States, to Jamaica, and Germany. With humor and insight she blends her expertise to help individuals get healthy from the inside out. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds walk away empowered and eager to approach life with a renewed sense of self. Her message is clear: Physical well being is the cornerstone for emotional health, positive relationships, and successful life experiences.


Angie’s approach is intuitive and understanding. Her experiences have given her inside look at challenges we all face through various stages of life. A devoted mother of two, former caretaker for her mom, and trailing spouse, Angie knows what it’s like be a part of the Sandwich Generation, raising kids and caring for an ageing parent, as well as the challenges of maintaining a successful career through multiple relocations. Her mission is to empower individuals, giving them the tools they need to take charge of their mind, body, and emotions. She is available to be a guest speaker or regular contributor on your TV show, network, or online community, and to host or speak at your event.


Some of Angie’s Audiences Include:
US Army, educational leaders, corporate executives, medical professionals, health & wellness pros at elite conferences, and attendees at the IFAA Fitness Convention in Heidelberg, Germany


Some of Angie’s Topics Include:

  • Resiliency Training

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Optimal Wellness

  • Strategies to Manage Stress

  • Exercise and Brain Health

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